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Pastor Testimonials
Trinity Baptist Church ,
2521 Richland Street ,
Columbia S.C. 29204


Grace and peace to you from God our Father and from our Lord of Jesus Christ. First, I thank God through Jesus Christ for you, and all who labor in the Pastorate with us. I am the Rev. Thurmond Bowens, Jr., Pastor of the Trinity Baptist Church, Columbia, South Carolina. In 1997, God called me to begin a ministry directed at changing the lives and hearts of men. From that call Men Unified In Christ (MUIC) was born. This ministry is divinely inspired by God.

God revealed the need for this ministry due to the shortage of godly men in the church and in leadership positions in the church where God placed me as Spiritual Leader. The modern church and the pastor have suffered greatly due to the absence of godly men working in the church. Because men do not fulfill their roles as leaders today, everyone suffers. Families are suffering, communities are suffering, cities are suffering and certainly, the church is suffering.

I have personally felt the impact of not having enough godly men to help serve the Trinity Baptist Church. Therefore, God has called me on a personal crusade to change the direction of our men and to help them return to their proper position as leaders. But this crusade goes well beyond growing men at Trinity Baptist Church. God has revealed the MUIC was created to touch the lives of every man in every church. God’s desire is for every man to get back into the rightful position God intended for him – A Godly Man.

Until we as pastors surround ourselves with godly men, we will be forever spending costly time and using precious energy engaging ourselves in a battle that God never intended for us to fight. I don’t know about you, but I have come to the conclusion that this is not the battle God called me to fight; therefore, instead of fighting ungodly men, God told me to train men to be godly men who will do battle for Him in the real war against Satan and his demons.

We can no longer stand by and ignore the problem of having ungodly men detour us in our local churches from doing the will of God. It is time to train! It is time to develop God-fearing men and God-loving men who are filled with the Holy Spirit. It is time to develop men that are willing to fight along with their pastors and not against them. The church will not reach its full potential until men are in the proper position spiritually, emotionally and mentally.

I ask that you join me in a joint effort to change the plight of men in the modern church. Will you join me in this training crusade? Your church and your ministry will be all the more blessed by training your men to be godly men. I have personally witnessed this change in the men of Trinity. The single reason why we are now having the great success our church is enjoying is due to the fact that our men are being trained to be godly men and they are strategically being placed in leadership positions throughout our various ministries. Please prayerfully consider becoming a part of this vital ministry. I ask that you inform me through written correspondence, email or by telephone to advise me of your decision.

Should you have additional questions, please fell free to contact me at 803-254-7142 (church), 803-732-5805 (home) or email me at Our website address is"

For the Cause of Christ,

Thurmond Bowens, Jr., M.Div.
Men Unified In Christ (MUIC)


Tabernacle Of Praise Northeast
International Ministries
140 Suite C Wildewood Park Drive
Columbia, South Carolina 29229
(803) 699-8781

"Greeting Brothers all are we, it is my sincere pleasure to be able to give a testimony about the impact that MUIC has had on my life and ministry. I was introduced to the pastors and men of MUIC about 12 years ago and I must say it has been truly a divine appointment. For the first time I witness men who really love the Lord and ran hard after him. I witness men, young and old alike studying and learning how to be a Godly. I witness them praising and worshiping together, I witness men cry together laughing together and praying together.
Since being introduced to MUIC God has led me to plant a church, getting my men involved with MUIC ranks high on our agenda, and I look forward to a growing and long lasting relationship with my brothers in Christ. "

Amazed by His Grace,

Pastor R. Belton
Tabernacle of Praise NE (TOPNE)


Friendship Baptist Church ,
1237 House Street ,
Columbia ,
SC 29204

"Greeting in the name of the Risen Christ,

We hope that this communication finds you and your congregation well and prospering.

This letter is written to let you know, we the members of Friendship Missionary Baptist
Church would like to say thank you for your continued support and outreach to the
community for the past 11 years.

Since organizing, you have contributed toward inspiring men and youth to become better individuals spiritually and to strive for a higher calling of God.

May God continue to bless you indeed!"

Yours In Christ,

Pastor, A. A. Dicks Sr.

MT. Pilgrim Baptist Church -HWY 601
1341 McCords Ferry Road
Lugoff, SC 29078
(803) 736-1175

To Whom It May Concern:

I am writing this letter as a member of' Men Unified in Christ (MUIC)," I want to thank God for providing Pastor Thurmond Bowens with the vision of empowering men through the principles of the Bible in order for men to positively impact their families, churches, and communities. We continue to see the need for ministries like MUIC for men as we witness the various negative occurrences with men through the news media, internet news media, and the local newspaper media. Many of our men are suffering from like of leadership early in his life. Hence, many men are not equipped to deal with the pressures of life such as being a husband, father, grandfather or the head of their homes. Thousands of our young men are dropping out of school with no plan for earning a legal income, which lead many of them to committing senseless crimes that cause them to experience prison life during the most productive years of their lives. Therefore, we do not have any time to waste in finding ways to reach out to men in order to equip those who are willing to learn the ways of God by way of Jesus Christ and by the empowerment of the Holy Spirit.

This is why would encourage other pastors to join forces with the pastors of "MUIC" and together we could change the course of generations to come. The handwriting is on the wall. We as men must assume our responsibilities for our families, churches, and communities. “MUIC” provides pastors, spiritual leaders, and men in general with an opportunity to come together to share their struggles, victories, and testimonies about the difference Jesus Christ has made in their lives. Additionally, men enter into an atmosphere that is designed for teaching, preaching, and learning. The Word of God says, "So then faith comes by hearing, and hearing by the Word-of-God”. It is through God's Word that men become empowered to lead their families, churches, and communities.


Dr. Andrew W. Thomas, Pastor

Ridgewood Missionary Baptist Church
5326 Ridgeway Street,
Columbia, SC 29203


I thank the Lord for the blessing of MUIC. Not only has it blessed me individually as a man in obtaining a wealth of knowledge and enjoying great fellowship with other Christian men; it has also been a tremendous blessing to me in the leadership position that the Lord has placed me in as pastor.

Also, the men that I have the privilege to pastor have been influenced by MUIC as well. Not only does this ministry focus on the man’s place in the home, it also teaches the role and place of the man in the church. As pastors, we know the main issues and problems that occur in the church manifest themselves when those in the church are found to be out of place.

Additionally, as a newly elected pastor, MUIC’s influence has helped me in not having to deal with a lot of problems that many pastors face. Having men in this local body of Christ who first and foremost love the Lord, who know their roles, and who are greatly influenced by this ministry, helps us to focus on the Lord’s work, to stay the course, and to function in the roles the Lord has called us to.

Fred W. Coit, Pastor
Ridgewood Missionary Baptist Church