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MUIC Monthly Meeting
Location: Mountain View Baptist Church, Greenville, SC
MUIC Monthly Meeting
Location: Ridgewood Missionary Baptist Church, Columbia, SC
MUIC Monthly Meeting
Location: Red Hill Baptist Church, Gadsden, SC
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Mission & Objectives

Mission Statement
The mission of MUIC is for men to unite with one another for the purpose of developing a deeper love for Christ, a proper understanding of his role in Christ and a rooted foundation in God’s word. MUIC is committed to leading men back to their proper positions in their home, church and community.

Conf Committee Mission Statement
Men gathering in Christ to create a solid foundation in God’s word by learning to be more committed in service to God. To develop a stronger commitment to God and to have a better understanding of our role as men of God.

To bring men together to gain a deeper understanding of their proper role in Christ through worship and fellowship.